A servant of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

  1. jamestollefson says:

    To a trained trigger puller and combat vet, your blog has a very provocative and appealing title. What do you mean exactly by “Special Operations” in the Kingdom of God?

    • Hi James. Thanks for reaching out to me and thank you for your service and sacrifices. “Special Operations” in the Kingdom of God is a project I started a couple weeks ago. The Scriptures are teeming with references of missions, warriors, soldiers, wars, battles, preparations for warfare, discipline, development, weapons, armor. The Apostle Paul tells us that as Christians, we’ve been enlisted as soldiers into God’s Kingdom. The war we’ve been enlisted to fight in is obviously spiritual, not temporal, and I have a great interest in exploring what it means to be a soldier in the Kingdom of Heaven. The focal point of the blog is the mission of spreading the Good News about Jesus to the ends of the earth. I’m exploring every detail I can of what this means; our relationship with God, what it looks like in our personal life, what it looks like to others, understanding how to fight, understanding what the war is and why it’s on, understanding what constitutes our armor and our weapons so that we can use them, learning about where current missions are happening now and how to be involved in them. As you know, in the world, “Special Operations” require the most highly trained operators to accomplish a critical mission because of the risks and dangers involved. The “operators” in God’s Kingdom also face great risk and danger. But in God’s Kingdom, we are not fighting flesh and blood.

      • jamestollefson says:

        Awesome. Let me know if I can contribute or help you out in any way. I fully support what you’re doing. I spent six years on active duty as a paratrooper and Ranger in the Army. During that time I spent a year each in Afghanistan and Iraq. I saw quite a bit of fighting in Iraq especially. When I returned home a struggled a bit with what I had seen and, more crucially, with some of the things I had done. I got saved during a conversation with someone who said a lot of things very similar to what you just wrote. The message you have is a compelling one for a soldier.

  2. Thank you and I appreciate your support, James!

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